Research to Public Policy

Applied Policy Research, Data Analytics and Reporting.

Demographic and Economic Data

RP2 provides a comprehensive range of demographic, social and economic variables at the state, regional, county, city and school district level. Simple comparisons of key data metrics with peers or basic trend analysis can inform debate. More complex comparisons across variables provides important insights.   

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Survey data on Minnesota residents is an important and growing source of information. Surveys provide a much richer source of intelligence to assess the dynamic changes in a community, advocate for a particular policy position, and inform public policy debates. RP2 maintains access to a number of survey files.  RP2 also develops sophisticated matched data sets between surveys to address a broader range of problems.  This list is under continous revision.

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RP2 provides data identification and location services for stakeholders and public administrators.  Often important information is available only in difficult to find locations or through privately held sources.

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