Research to Public Policy

Applied Policy Research, Data Analytics and Reporting.


Research to Public Policy

Research to Public Policy is a unique group of policy experts providing research, data analytics and statistical reporting to policy makers, local administrators, non-profit organizations, foundations and policy advocates.  RPoperates without political affiliation and does not promote particular policy positions.


Demographic & Economic Data

In an increasingly data driven environment, accurate and timely data is essential to public administrators and policy stakeholders.  RP2 provides, in a single location, a comprehensive set of economic and demographic data.

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Data Analytics

RP2 provides expanded data for researchers, administrators and policy advocates. Simple data can be useful but it's true value is revealed when it is translated into effective information through rigorous evaluation. RP2 offers multiple levels of analysis

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Research & Evaluation

RP2 provides a full range of research services to state and local governments, advocacy groups and associations concerned with public policy.

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Recent Reports

These are the most recent reports published by RP2recent-reports

Migration, Income and Tax Revenue

The Impact of Career Colleges on the Minnesota Economy